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    I specialise in 'Breakthroughs' and today literally I can be the touch paper that sets a fire in your soul, this will instigate a clearing process, so that you can create a new solid foundation for us to build on, and you will attain the clarity and structure for what you truly need and want.

    'Kiss My Bliss' is my elite coaching and soul success wellness consultancy. Some people will coach you in just one area, however a true transformation requires a 360 degree, inside out, multi dimensional and intuitive approach. I am an empath, and know the power of energy and vibration. Your energy field plays a massive part in what you attract and repel. I will teach you exactly how to amplify your frequency, and create a vibrational match for exactly what you want from life.

    I have very specific success coaching programs, dependant on what you need. I also create bespoke programs for individuals and companies.

    I can be booked to speak and or coach at your event internationally.

    My philosophy is that we all should 'Kiss Bliss'on a daily basis so remember I we can start the process today. Just reach out, don't worry at all about how it will happen, that's my job....go through the uncomfortable feeling you may have right now as that is the self sabotage mechanism, and contact me right now, as we can start changing things today.

    I am also a qualified, pilates, zumba and beginners yoga instructor, swedish massage and aromatherapy therapist.


  • "Life can only be as authentic as you really are"

    Caroline Mu Djuissi

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